How Video Walls Will Be The Future of Technology !

Video wall consists of various projectors and monitors combined to create a single surface for display. The video wall technology has changed the way of life for people. The way of communication, learning and solving problems has entirely transformed due to the emergence of video walls. The video walls are very appealing and influential devices that develop the ability of users to observe, comprehend, as well as share the information with his companions.

Video wall screens are an ideal alternative to the traditional screens used for the information and entertainment. You can insert new screens of your choice according to your budget.Ryan Cahoy is the manager at video wallmanufacturing company. He states,”It’s economical to combine numerous screens to form a wall. While it’s really costly to purchase a plasma screen thatconsists of 100- inch.

Video Walls in Various Fields

Video walls are in use in various fields. Like, in the field of education it is useful for the important announcements as well as a display screen for the classrooms. It can entertain the customers in the banks waiting for their turn. It can provide information to the passengers on the airports. Through videowall, they will remain updated about the timings of their flight as well as the details about the delay or cancellation of flight will be there. Video walls are also useful for the hospitals and will inform about the timings of doctors or donors. Offices are using these video walls for their conference rooms, lobbies, and boardrooms for the presentations and video calls.

Your Choice Matters

You have to decide what type of system you want to in order to complete the video wall of yours. You are in need of a passive system that will display information or you want active system through which interaction between people would be possible?

The size of the video wall depends on the size of the location. A small video wall would be okay for a classroom because the distance between the students and the wall would be of fewfeet. On the other hand, a large video wall is required for the airport so that passengers may see itin spite of being at a long distance.

One more thing that should be under consideration is your choice between the thin bezels and thin display. You have to decide what you want. According to Cahoy, thin bezels and thin display are going down day by day but still thin bezels are in need of more depth. So, never overlook the software that is controlling the video wall, remember, “Content is the king”. Cahoy states, you buy a costly and thinnest hardware but the use of television or the power point with it will not give you the best result of this technology, it is same as driving a car with a cheap engine.


Video walls are durable with low maintenance. You have to shut them down for the night to avoid overheating. There is a need to clean the fans after 6 months for the maintenance. In this way, the device will work nicely for 6 to 8 years without any hindrance. It is much better than other devices.

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