Where are the Most Remote Jobs During the Pandemic?

Remote work was seen as a privilege right before the world got engulfed with a pandemic. As businesses transitioned to a “lockdown”, the incidence of remote work grew. Meeting rooms became virtual as Zoom took over and conversations and workflows moved to slack.

According to a report by LinkedIn, a number of remote jobs saw a boost. Amongst these are account executives, project managers, Software engineers, etc. All these jobs were posted anywhere between 1000-5000 times during the last couple of months with remote IT jobs being posted 5000 times!

It’s safe to say there is still work out there. But the question is where these remote jobs are and how to find them?

According to an article by the Insider, a lot of tourist destinations that suffered a major blow, have introduced visa programs that allow remote workers to stay there and work for extended periods of time. These destinations include Dubai, Barbados, Georgia, and Portugal in addition to 10 more that made the list. That being said, it’s not necessary to be in a certain location to secure remote work.

Different countries have shown varying trends in remote job postings during the pandemic:

  • France: 136%      
  • Germany: 200%      
  • Italy: 178%      
  • Netherlands: 245%      
  • Spain: 282%      
  • UAE: 156%      
  • United Kingdom: 277%

Remote job postings percentage increase per country (Source: LinkedIn)

If you are looking for remote work and not sure where to start, here is a list of places with frequent remote job postings since the pandemic started:


LinkedIn is the fifth most popular social platform according to statistics which means it’s perfect for networking and building contacts. LinkedIn Jobs is a great place to start looking for remote jobs. You can also search for companies that you are particularly interested in, and contact relevant people to inquire about any remote positions available!

Flex Jobs

Flex jobs have a very well-curated list of not only remote jobs but freelance work and Gigs. Each job is screened for legitimacy so you don’t have to fear scams either!


With Just Remote, you can find and apply to remote jobs regardless of the location. Their new paid job search feature allows you even more access to jobs that are otherwise not advertised across the internet. You can also find jobs across a range of different functionalities from marketing to software development.


What’s unique about Remotive is the fact that it not only lists job postings but also has a community that is constantly receiving tonnes of information and advice via newsletters, emails, webinars, etc.

So whether you are changing jobs or looking for a new one, remote work is all the rave and probably will be the new normal as we know it.

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