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Letmetellnow is focused on providing high quality and valuable information to our readers through our content. The articles published here will be relevant and useful for our readers. Only the most appropriate, informative and beneficial content is accepted here and every article goes through a rigorous review procedure before it is published. Our articles comprise various different categories like technology, art, motivation, marketing, television shows, and book reviews. Internet and digital marketing bloggers and general readers will find our content useful because we are more focused on the quality of our content than on the quantity. Thus, if you are into digital marketing or any of the other aforementioned categories then you can consider sharing your content and writing for us.

Why Write For Us

Our writers are regularly featured in various big publications from around the world which will give your content more legitimacy and recognition. On a monthly basis, we have more than 10,000 readers which will increase your readership and we also share your content throughout our social media community which will be giving you more authority as a well-known writer in the world of digital media. Additionally, you will also be getting a follow link from our site which would help you in boosting your search engine optimization in your own website or blog.

Following are some of the essential reasons why you should consider writing for us:

  1. Impact people and their lives more: Our website is specifically focused on making people making wise choices pertaining to several different daily aspects of their daily lives. Your work will be contributing to that end. Our readers will be happy to learn about new information which can help in making them know learn more about themselves and the world.
  2. Readers are from all over the world: Once you get your articles approved, your content will be distributed to a large number of readers and it will be posted on the Home Page of our website too and shared across all social media platforms.
  3. Professional development: A lot of our guest writers are able to use the exposure that they get on Letmetellnow to get other professional opportunities like writing for other websites, speaking on digital media marketing and so on. Your overall credibility in this industry will increase many folds.
  4. Work when you want: You can write and contribute depending on your own schedule.

Before you start to write for us, you must go through the guidelines mentioned below:

  1. Do not send us any ideas for new content or articles. You will be assigned topics and so let us know about the topics on which you would like to write on.
  2. You can choose on or more category to write on. Email us the category which you want to write on and the subject line should include “Guest Writer, Category.”
  3. Articles need to have a minimum of 1000 words.
  4. Provide original, informative and relevant information in your articles. You must not use articles published anywhere else for this purpose, this includes your own blog also. You must not rephrase old articles from other websites also.
  5. Add a small section for yourself promotion by providing a small bio about yourself.

Email us on letmetellnowat@gmail.com

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